Adventures in Modifying a J. Crew Sophia Silk Tricotine Gown – Part 3

In photographing and trying on the 2 sizes, I’ve determined that the bodice would be better if I alter the size closest to my true size (the smaller).  Therefore I’ll be using the bodice and yoke of the smaller size and the skirt of the larger size.

Here are some additional things I’ve thought of:

  1. The circumference of the skirt will be larger than the yoke that I will be attaching it to.  Should I do a full alteration or add pleats in order to make up this difference?
  2. I have a small piece of lace that I can cut in half to add to the dress.  The lace is only enough to use on the yoke and/or bust of the gown.  I could use it to peek out of the deep v that I’m going to create (I originally got this idea when trying on the gown with a laced camisole).  In any event, should I add the lace (it matches very well)? Or will it ruin the simplicity and versatility of the gown?  Here is a pic of the lace:
Ivory Alencon Lace

Ivory Alencon Lace


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