Adventures in Modifying a J. Crew Sophia Silk Tricotine Gown – Part 5

 I’m really excited with tonight’s progress.  I’m starting to be able to see “it”.  The first thing I did was deconstruct the bodice a little more to allow the update of the surplice neckline to a deep v.  Here’s a pic of the deconstructed bodice/neckline:
Deconstructed Bodice

Deconstructed Bodice

 After both sides were deconstructed (using a little seam ripper and a lot of patience) I laid out the gown and measured to the middle of the waist yoke.  That would be my center line.  I folded each piece so that they met at the center of very top of the waist yoke, pinning them carefully in the seams.  I then folded each piece (2 outer fabric, 2 linings) in a diagonal line from the place I have folded to the inner corner of the shoulder seam and pressed/creased them with my Rowenta on the silk setting.  I creased the fabric and lining towards each other, just as they’d be once sewn.  I double checked my creasing by lightly pinning the bodice back to the waist yoke’s hidden seam.  The result is so pretty:

Deep V Neckline

Deep V Neckline

 My next steps are:

  1. sew the bodice back together,
  2. add the cap sleeves,
  3. deconstruct the waist at the bottom of the yoke, and
  4. switch out the skirt.

I’m looking forward to that, meanwhile I revisited an old thought – the Watters 1096B gown had buttons at the back.  My options are to either use additional fabric to raise the back, modify the existing surplice to a deep v similiar to the altered front, or modify the surplice back to meet at the center and display a small row of glass or fabric-covered buttons.  Here are examples of clear glass buttons:

Tiny Square Clear Glass Buttons

Tiny Square Clear Glass Buttons


Larger Round Clear Glass Buttons

Larger Round Clear Glass Buttons


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