Adventures in Modifying a J. Crew Sophia Silk Tricotine Gown – Part 7

I’ve done a lot of seam ripping over the past couple of days.  First I detached the bodice from the skirt (both sizes).  Then I deconstructured the back of the gown so that I could restyle it to remove the surplice.  Here are some pics (the bodice also shows how I deconstructed it to remove the surplice):

Detached Bodice

Detached Bodice


Detached Skirt

Detached Skirt

I tried on the bodice and, with skillful mirror placement, was able to determine the most flattering back.  I chose the button back where the seam would meet at the top middle of the waist yoke.  There was another option to make a low back where the shoulders plummetted straight down and the top of the waist yoke was exposed.  This was flattering, but I felt it did not jive with the style of the front of the gown, so I decided against it.

I pinned and creased the back in the same way I did the front.  I tested the symmetry by placing pins in an “X” pattern on the inside of the gown, holding the back seam together as shown below:

"X" Pattern Pinned Back

"X" Pattern Pinned BackThe result:Seam Meeting at Back

 The result:

Seams Meeting at Back

Seams Meeting at Back

I need to rethink the buttons and even the overall type of closure I want at the back of the bodice.  I’m not sure that the buttons I currently have are right for this gown.  I’ll keep digging for the perfect closure.  The other contender which I have yet to explore is the high back.  I could do this with buttons as well.  I’d have to trace out a pattern and cut it out using the skirt that I’m not using.  I also need to determine the desired shape of the sleeves and create a pattern for them.


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